Zvijezda oil from domestic olive groves

Best oil - Zvijezda Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Zvijezda mixed spread with butter

Mixed spread with butter is made in order to assist our customer with preparation of gourmet quality dishes and deserts.

Jajo and Pomi – your children will love them!

Zvijezda Junior mayonnaise and ketchup are high quality products that contain highly nutritional ingredients, and due to their attractive 250 and 330 gram packaging, they are certain to be a hit with the kids.

Daily nutrition is better with exquisite quality olive oil –Star (Zvijezda) in a bottle!

OL Dalmatia extra virgin olive oil from Dalmatian olive groves, made from handpicked olives in the early phases of ripening offers delightful taste.

Sunflower oil made for multiple frying

We have launched a new oil for multiple frying to assist you with your everday preparations of fried and baked meals ... 

Zvijezda d.d. was at olive oil week

Within the framework of the Croatia Olive Oils project, this year a manifestation, Olive Oil Week, was held from June 21st to June 24th at the Split waterfront (Riva). This is a manifestation that ...

Secret ingredient of irresistible cookies – Zvijezda mixed spread with butter

Strawberry pie Ingredients for 6 people DOUGH 200 g flour 125 g Zvijezda mixed spread with butter 80 g sugar 1 egg yolk 2 tablespoon water 1 pinch of salt FILLING 250 g white chocolate 250 ml ...

Zvijezda mixed spread with butter

Trogir, May 24, 2012 – Presented today, at the Bilaja oil mill in Trogir, new indigenous Dalmatian monosort oil - OL Dalmatia Oblica, the result of a long term cooperation of Zvijezda d.d. and ...

Cooking is IN again – Zvijezda margarine

Zvijezda launched a new and innovative campaign entitled Slastitika (Sweetistics), which is actually a very interestingly disguised campaign for Zvijezda margarines for preparation of delicious dishes ...

Jajo and Pomi – your children will love them!

Zvijezda d.d. launched “Junior” product line in an attempt to reward faithfulness of their youngest consumers, by producing a creative and definitely easily recognizable product. Zvijezda ...